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It Doesn’t Get Much Better!

It is a funny old world we live in! One day we wake up and there is snow on the mountains around us and the next it is 35 degrees and it feels like the polar caps are melting away.

So, like life, De Noordhoek Hotel is always evolving, we are doing things methodically but carefully. We want the changes to be fresh yet also in keeping with what this beautiful building is and represents. Noordhoek has become a busy place but we so dearly want it to remain a relaxed and peacefull environment for all of us to enjoy and we trust the changes we make enhance the lifestyle experience we want and treasure.

Brands and business’ have grown around us, as have family and friends. Cafe Roux has become the place of choice for South African Music Artists when they want to get intimate and The Toad in the Village is almost written into Cape Town folklore. Cape Point Vineyards has international status and Franck Dangeroux’s Foodbarn Restaurant gets accolade after accolade. Best of all the new population of Noordhoek gets friendlier and closer every day. And this closeness and friendship is getting stronger and stronger with each passing season and new resident.

The horses aren’t gone, neither are the bicycles or surf boards. There are just more of them. The cock still crows at sunrise and I could swear I saw the milk man riding up the road this morning! People who live here have chosen to because of what Noordhoek offers and the Noordhoek Farm Village has become a massively important meeting place for all of Noordhoek people and this fantastic community, the heart beat of a village!

It’s hard to compare the lifestyle here to many other places in our country. It is not a hideaway, but it is also not the city, yet it is in the city??? Neighbours are friends and businesses are companions. Utopia, we like to think so!

Noordhoek is a remarkable destination in Cape Town and with beauty abound why not share it? We are bang in the middle of it all with our playground a myriad of Cape Town’s best. Our staff are family and friends, our rooms spacious and extremely comfortable and our beds are without doubt some of the most comfortable you will find away from home. Our rates and deals are more than fair and the offering exceptional. Have a look around our website and see for yourself what you could be enjoying, and that’s before we have mentioned the delicacies of our in house sushi and asian, Village Sushi Restaurant.

Further, we have made our hotel tech friendly. Bring your gadgets and unwind, the WiFi is on the house – why not!. Being in touch helps us remain Cape Town experts and with advise that comes with passion, there is no better or safer place to lay your head in this city than at De Noordhoek Hotel.

Now that you have heard our bit we look forward to hearing yours and meeting you. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have anything worth sharing, we value opinions and best of all making new friends. Here’s too a beautiful future for this lovely old lady.

Yours Sincerely
All of us at De Noordhoek Hotel